Τhis programme is broadcasted every Sunday evening at 8pm. The presenter of the programme is Vasilis Panayis who presents different personalities (Politicians,Actors, Singers and from the Education Board and many more), from the Greek and Cypriot Community in Britain, as well as from Greece and Cyprus .




This programme is broadcasted every Wednesday at 7.45pm and every Saturday at 8.00pm.The programme presents entire community events held during the year and other related issues, activities and events through the daily and social life of the Greek and Cypriot community.




One of the most popular television programs of Hellenic TV is ‘Omogenia Edo Londino’, this programme has been informing for several years each member of the community regarding events.It is broadcasted every Friday at 8.30pm and presents all the activities and events organized during the year. Presenter of the show is Dimitra Nikitaki.The journalistic material, filming and reporting on interviews is carried out by John Ioannou.Programming and editing of the show is by George Lingos. The show 'Omogenia Edo Londino’ presents the events organized every week by various Associations, Clubs and other community actors. This focuses the spotlight on our community and is always at the center of information, covering singificant and important issues. Some of the issues relating to visits of prominent personalities from Cyprus and Greece in the community are discussed, along with political events surrounding Cyprus and Greece, our community academic system, exhibitions and various paintings in addition to social and cultural events of Hellenism in Great Britain. Also, the program presents and promotes business and community entities, making reference to subsequent future events.





"Anesperon Fos" was launched with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Thyateira and Great Britain on Saturday, 12th November 2011, and is hosted by Hellenic TV. It will run every Saturday at 19.30, London time (21.30 Greece time). The programme, which is edited and presented by Fr Savvas David Vasileiadis, treats interesting theological issues in plain language that is accessible and engaging for the viewer. It also covers social issues related to the promotion of spiritual and mental health, creativity, art, byzantine music and painting. Guests will participate regularly in the programme, including experts in the fields of Church, theology, science, medicine, Byzantine music, iconography, art, and other related disciplines. Every show has as its backdrop a canvas-painted icon of Christ walking on the water and rescuing the Apostle Peter from drowning, skilfully painted ad hoc by Eleftherios Foulidis. Find more at




The TV show "Tomorrow is Sunday" is broadcasted every Saturday at 20.15pm by the Reverend Protopresbyter Joseph Paliouras and consists of various thelogical themes based on Orthodox Hymns. The show contains live hymns presented by chanters of our community and others, accompanied by analyzes and theological deepening.




This is a weekly program (every Tuesday 7.45pm), prepared by the well known in the Greek Cypriot Community, Father Joseph Paliouras and produced by Hellenic TV at the Wood Green studios. Father Joseph has a guest each week and analyses each theme, associated with education, in depth.




This weekly program (every Thursday 7.45pm), produced by Hellenic TV, is prepared and presented by the well known in the Greek Cypriot community, family solicitor Lucy Loizou. She is a partner at the International Family Law Group LLP and often handles complicated cases with international issues. Lucy is supported each week by a different specialist in family law solicitor. This series of programs covers all aspects of family law.





Hellenic TV presents exclusively a new series of programs with issues that concern us all: HEALTH ISSUES. The program is prepared and presented by the distinguished Doctor GP Dr. Kyriaki Sonidou (Kiki). A different issue is presented in each program, where a famous Greek physician is invited as a quest, who specializes in the specific topic of the program. The program is broadcast on HELLENIC TV1, WNN and FREEVIEW Channel 244, every Sunday at 7.30 pm. After the broadcast, each program is distributed to all social media of Hellenic TV.




Brand new series coming to your screens soon! Have you ever wanted to cook like your yiayia but didn't quite know how? Well this new show aims to mix the old with the new and keep those recipes going, so you can cook just like your yiayia and give her a run for her money. It's simple, watch and learn and then it's your turn! One last thing to remember, If you can't take the heat, then get out of yiayia's kitchen.